Sunday, 31 January 2010

Meg's confirmation...

Yeah,2day meg is gonne be confirmed!!!
Im very happy for her..

Soo early in d morning,both of us went to salon..
Didnt realise that it has been a month since i last did my hair treatment!!
So,did some treatment & some refreshing!
Meg,did her treatment & got her hair done nicely!
It really suits her alot!*meg & her new look*
mine??!!!ws ok,but it ws too curly & md me looked lk an efro!
Thank God,by the time i went to church,it looked more natural.

It was her big day, i too wanted it all to be well put in place for her..

*both of us after mass*

it reminded me soo much of my confirmation day!
How i wish i ws still schooling!

it ws indeed an awesome day,with my family,megs frenz & cousinz..=)

Monday, 11 January 2010

♥ 2010 ♥

Wow!!it has been ages since my last post..
My last blog ws abt last year!OMG,time runs fast lately!
Means that im actually bloging in for the 1st time,in this new year~2010~

ok, quit excited about what 2010 is all about for me!
What it promises...
Very curious to knw what's ahed of me...
Impatience to knw the surprises that is awaiting me....
Cant wait to see the increasing boldness & maturity in me throughout this year!
And most of soo,soo awaiting to see whr does God's game in my life ends up...

Sooo..when you say a brand NEW YEAR!!
All that comes to ones mind is RESOLUTIONS!!!!
YEAH!!!!I hv too many resolutions this year...
~wanna do awesomely great in my studies..
~wanna step prefectly to the real world out thr...
~wanna be awfully good gurl
~wanna go clubing!!! *evil smile*
~wanna get drunk for once!
~im gonne be 20 this year..huh,huh!!!~itz soo saddening....
~wanna be less childish
~must learn to be more independent
~learn to be more wise..
~must learn to be less affectionate by parents~huh!huh!
~cant be the old mummy's gurl & daddy's princess anymr...
~must keep my old besties close to my heart,though i might find new frends..

hmmmm....wat else???!!
~I will save it for next years' resolution!!!hehehe

Im just hoping 2010 will be an awesome year for me!
A year full of surprises,success,joy,fun,good memories,good fortune,good health, & most of all,a year of great BLESSINGS!!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Our last day at TAIPING!!!

*the last shot together before we part to hometown*
*i really love this picture*

ok..2day is our last day being at TAIPING!
So,early in d morning,richi took us to LAKE GARDEN,whc we really wanted to go badly,since day 1..
We went for a morning walk thr...
It was soo,soo nice!!
~Nice scenery~
~fresh air~
~good weather~
~so relaxing & refreshing~
*pfft...wonder y on earth Kulim doesnt have such places*

Took chee chong fun for breakfast,
d one richi always says that it is different frm d one in png n kulim..
it wsnt bad all though..

then,we came back home n start packing! i hate farewells!!!

Our bus was at 2pm..
itz soo sad that we are gonne meet again not sooner but x knw when..
But with the great hope that we will meet up again,we said goodbyes without tears in our eyes!
awh...really hate d moment!
But gurls,u both are sumthg very precious to me!
The best part of my life is meeting & knowing you!
Im gonne miss you lotz!!
Till we meet again~muaks~

*Luv ya*

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dinner Dine!

We went to Flemigton Hotel for dinner..
Simply to have fun & to have a prefect dine!

*After our meals to the top floor of the hotel*

*Indeed it was another great night out with my besties*

Taiping ZOO

After goin to waterfall we drop by to Shuh Pyng' shop for breakfast.
1 of Taiping's most famous wan tan mee shop.

After breakfast,we finally went to Taiping Zoo today..
Thgz has changed alot here now compared to few years back when I visited with my family.
Itz more beautiful & more animals are well kept here.
*the smart & chicky Orang Utan*

* Old days in memory ;-p*

*Had so much fun here!*
Was an awesome trip to the zoo though it ws damn tiring walking all around it.

Vacation to TAIPING

Itz my second day here at Taiping.
1st Dec 2009
So early that morning aft a cup of hot drinks at joanne's plc we headed to the waterfall!! has been quit sumtime since the last time i went to waterfalls.. We have to walk in the jungle abt 10min walk before we reach the spot! The adventure in the jungle reminds me of school campings that we used to have back during my schooling days..exploring jungle,hiking,rock climbing etc. The spot joanne brought us was soo beautiful! You can just seat there for hours without even talking & doin anythg! Itz a very calm & peaceful place to relax yourself.
*We spent our time there talking & snapping pictures*

A Heartful Gift to my Beloved BESTIES!

I always wanted to give sumthg special to both my besties during our farewell..
I have been figuring out of what to give them for a very-very long time...
Till the end,i could not find sumthg special..
Sooo....i decided to us my creativity that i used to have back during school days...
Sumthg that one could not get anywhr!
Sumthg that 1 can't buy anywhr but juz have to value & treasure it! =)

*Yeah!I did farewell cards for them.*
*The one with green ribbon is for Joanne!**The yellow ribbon is for Yahu..*